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Westland Solum

Since peat is simply partially decomposed organic material, its properties can change dramatically depending on the kinds of plants that grow (or used to grow) in the area where the peat bog forms. We often think of peat moss as the defining plant of these bogs but in reality, all sorts of plants can grow in a bog. That’s part of the reason peat harvested in different parts of Scotland can be so different. Jump all the way across the ocean and things can get really interesting. Peat bogs in Washington state are full of crab apples and wild cranberries and other deciduous trees so the content of the peat reflects that. I’m super excited to see more of these releases!

Nose: Sandalwood, cedar and driftwood smoke, thyme, mesquite honey, wet bark, lemon balm, and dried strawberries.

Palate: Oats, herbs-de-provence, rhubarb jam, vanilla simple syrup, orange blossom honey, rooibos tea, dried orange rinds, cranberries, and a lingering oak smoke. The finish is smokey and long with a cardamom and pistachio dessert sweetness.


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