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Ardbeg Anthology: The Harpy’s Tale

ABV: 46%

Age: 13 years

Nose: Mead, white raisins, ice wine, cigarette smoke, salty dried seaweed, candied lemon peel, dry hay, and wet cement. 

Palate: The smoke builds with herbs and cypress wood. The cigarette smoke is still there (ashy, dry) but now the cigs are menthols. Some lemon curd and hints of a graham cracker crust to go with it. Hints of stone fruit as well. Canned peaches and dried apricots. 

Overall: I bought this because of the sauternes finish, an element I usually love. I think that influence is present here with just a bit of stone fruit and raisins but it’s certainly subtle. Lemon is still the dominant fruit but the ashy peat character abounds.


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