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Starward Two-Fold

Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Australian Whisky

Cask: ex-red wine

ABV: 40%

Nose: Ground wheat, malt loaf, tropical fruit, overripe papaya, slight funk, red wine. Browned butter and burnt brown sugar.

Palate: Blueberry, sherry, blackberry brandy, freshly cut oak. Some solvents, red dry erase markers. Cloves and cinnamon. Orange pith. The finish is long, spicy, and a bit prickly. Feints.

Overall: An interesting and unique whiskey, at least for the craft world where a combination of grain and malt whiskies is less common. Surprisingly fruity, the wine casks bring a lot to this bottle. It also makes an excellent cocktail with all those red notes and maintains a little bit of a buttery mouthfeel despite the lower abv. Certainly a good bargain at the lower price point (I found my bottle for $21).


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