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Prohibida Texas Rum

Distillery: Balcones

Age: 33 Months

Cask: Finished in Balcones ex-peat

ABV: 50%

Nose: Delicate smoke, charred lime, grilled melon, hints of rhum agricole but no big funkiness, candied ginger, anise cookies with powdered sugar, key lime pie with graham cracker crust, and rose petals. All very understated and soft.

Palate: Bright spice up front (coriander and cardamom) with charentais melon and lime sorbet. More ginger and now with clove cigarette smoke. The spice grows the whole time for a very big and lingering finish of clove and cinnamon powder.

With water: A lot more floral on the nose. The spice also takes a step back on the palate and let’s more tropical fruit through along with some grass notes. But the candied ginger builds for a really interesting sensation.

Overall: Balcones Prohibida is such a complex and unique rum! The peat transforms the rum sweetness the way a fire can transform fruit. I love the delicate nose, especially in contrast to the ginger spice on the palate. I want to just sip on this but also really want to make it into a rum based penicillin.


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