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McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt

Not only was McCarthy’s the first peated single malt produced in the US, it was the first American Single Malt, period. They’ve been at this since the 90s which makes some of their unusual production decisions even more interesting. They use 100% peated barley from Scotland and age in Oregon oak (aka quercus garryana). Garryana can be a difficult beast to tame but McCarthy’s manages to combine their peat with this native oak in a complimentary and compelling way.

Nose: Surprisingly gentle with wafting cedar and driftwood smoke, hints of black cherry, cigar tobacco, cooked peaches, and tupelo honey.

Palate: Full and buttery with deep oak smoke, more stone fruit, rosewater, charred pineapple, and browned butter. The finish is thick and sweet with tons of grilled peaches and a quick blast of pepper that gives way to a lingering smoke.

This is an excellent whiskey and also a good introduction to American Single Malt for anyone who likes peated Scotch.


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