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Balmenach, Signatory Vintage

Distillery: Balmenach

Age: 25 years

ABV: 56.3%

Cask: Ex-bourbon

Story: With almost no releases under their own name, Balmenach is an old distillery valued for the meaty quality of the spirit. They still use the traditional worm tubs for cooling instead of modern condensers. This results in a rich and hearty spirit perfect for adding a bit of backbone to blended malts.

Nose: Rich French pastries with almond syrup, coffee liqueur, and chocolate covered espresso beans. Incredibly rich and sweet. Tarragon and heather. Shortbread and coffee cake.

Palate: Nutty and complex. Coffee with brown sugar. Walnut oil. Wood spice and varnish. Fruitcake heavily spiced with cloves. And a long, viscous finish reminiscent of clove cigarettes.


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