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Noah's Mill

Noah’s Mill

ABV: 57.15%

Age: NAS

Color: Amber, copper

Nose: Cherry cola syrup, cinnamon candy, clove cigarettes, polished leather, green twigs, and fresh pepper.

Palate: Freshly cut wood, barrel char, ground cloves, candy corn, and a tobacco barn. Some earthiness underneath the complex sweetness. A hint of woody astringency.

So, during my tour of Willet I must have misunderstood the guide because I thought everything we were served was made at the distillery. This was actually not true of this product, Noah’s Mill, which I was very impressed with nevertheless. At least sipping it among the barrels in the warehouse. But when tasting this at home, my impression was a little different. Still complex, there was something a bit young underneath, almost as if it were a blend of very old and very young bourbons. After a little internet digging, it turns out that’s exactly what’s going on here. Apparently the blend changes from batch to batch so there’s no solid information about ages but, although it is all Kentucky, some is very old while some is quite young. I think this does make for a complex spirit but the “green” and “twiggy” notes definitely come through at times.

PS - I love this glass from Willett


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